Litigation Support Consulting

GPS Litigation Support Consulting provides virtual and in-office litigation support assistance for attorneys looking to increase productivity and lower their overhead. Services include administrative matters, billing, productions, public records requests, legal research, investigative case analysis, discovery management, document drafting, trial preparation services and consulting at the pre-trial and trial phase of a case.

Our in-depth review of your case discovery, pleadings, and providing you litigation support services allows us to assist you and your attorney in preparing a strategy and conduct focused research.

Our services are available statewide for civil litigation, criminal law and family law firms.

We have extensive experience in obtaining records pursuant to the Freedom of Information requests at the local, state and federal level.

We offer trial presentation services to assist attorneys in presenting the case to the court and jury. We utilize the top software in the industry and provide trial preparation.

We only provide services under a written retainer agreement after fully advising the client and/or their attorney of our fees and the scope of our services. We work on both hourly and flat-fee payment plans.

Giordano Protective Services, LLC is not a law firm and does not employ attorneys. We do not offer legal advice or engage in the practice of law.

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