Executive Protection

GPS Dignitary Protection provides specialized diplomatic protection to dignitaries, both local and from abroad. This extends to their family and accompanying guests as well. GPS will conduct a risk threat assessment to analyze all areas of vulnerability to provide our clients with the most effective solutions.
GPS Executive Protection provides candidates for office, corporate executives, celebrities, and athletes with specialized protection that allows them to interact with the public and conduct business as usual. GPS collaborates with your staff to determine what dangers and/or risks are associated with the clients needs for protection. This includes local and foreign travel, preventing harm from stalkers, fans or former employees, as well as avoiding victimization of street crimes.
In both our Dignitary and Executive Protection our analysis is conducted by our highly trained team of former military and/ or police, who are specifically trained to assess the situation, mitigate any/all threats and provide protection to our clients. We can provide high end luxury vehicles for transporting and will provide advancement teams at locations along with coordination of reserving a table at a restaurant to the strategic parking of vehicles.
GPS Mega Yacht Protection curtails maritime services to suit the specific need of the client and their superyacht. This begins with understanding the unique and/or specific risks and threats to a client, their family, guests, and their superyacht while in foreign, domestic or international waters.