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I hereby authorize, Giordano Protection Services DBA: GPS Security / PI Miami at 250 NW 23 rd Street Suite 305, Miami, FL 33127 and its designees and its representatives, individually and with Giordano Protection Services, to conduct a comprehensive background check that includes any one or all of the following: Consumer and/or business credit report, past employment and tenancy, criminal, drug, and driving records. I understand that one or more of the above- referenced checks may require additional written authorizations and consents, and I hereby agree to provide all such further written authorizations and consents. I am aware that the background reports I consent to have prepared may include information obtained from a variety of sources, including but not limited to government agencies, national credit reporting agencies, and other sources. I am aware that if I choose, I may obtain a complete disclosure of the nature and scope of any report prepared about me if I make a written request to Giordano Protection Services, within a reasonable time after I execute this authorization. I also authorize and request every person, firm, company, corporation, government agency, court, law enforcement office, and any other entity having control of possession of any information pertaining to me or my background to furnish same to Giordano Protection Services. By this authorization, I hereby forever release, discharge, exonerate, hold harmless and indemnify Giordano Protection Services and its affiliates, employees, representatives, agents, and subcontractors, and any other person, entity, organization or institution furnishing information to them, from any liabilities of every nature and kind, including but not limited to claims for libel, slander, invasion of privacy, related tort claims, misuse of the information obtained, and any other claim or cause of action arising out of the furnishing, inspections or copying of any documents, files, records, and other information, or the investigation made by or on behalf of Association or Giordano Protection Services, unless such release is determined to violate the public policy of the state or federal district in which this contract is executed, and in that event tis release will be permitted to the maximum extent allowed by the governing law. I understand that a photocopy, facsimile or scanned copy of this signed document shall be considered as valid as an original.

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