Jeffrey S. Giordano
Owner & Founder

Jeffrey Giordano is an accomplished investigator, former sergeant, and 30-year veteran of the City of Miami Police Department. He is currently a private investigator and owner of Giordano Protection Services; the company specializes in providing elite private investigation services including clairsentience investigations, security services, concierge services, employee screening, and personnel and business threat assessments. The company also provides mitigation and litigation support and has a mitigation specialist for cases involving capital punishment. Additionally, Mr. Giordano has served as an expert witness on several criminal cases and provides services for expert witness testimony from experienced law enforcement officers. Giordano Protection Services offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced weapons training, and consulting as well.

Mr. Giordano’s knowledge of investigations, community policing, and overall security planning is expansive and rooted in his diverse professional experiences. During his tenure with the City of Miami (1985-2014), Mr. Giordano served as a detective with the elite Street Narcotics Unit. He worked undercover, conducted surveillance, facilitated investigations, executed warrants, and performed interviews and interrogations.

As a neighborhood resource officer, he was responsible for managing crime statistics, serving as police and public liaison, conducting crime prevention surveys, and assisting Homeland Security with anti-terrorism programming. He also contributed to hundreds of drug arrests in an undercover capacity and conducted numerous post-homicide assessments. Mr. Giordano was also at the center of coordinating numerous organized fraud cases and multi-agency task forces to address specific crime trends.
Further, Mr. Giordano served as an advisory panel member alongside colleagues in building, zoning, code enforcement, fire, city planning, and leadership. The panel provided security recommendations for new construction projects during the Brickell and Downtown Miami development boom.

He served over 10 years as a hostage negotiator and became the spokesperson/PIO (Public Information Officer) for the Miami Police Department under Chief John F. Timoney. Additionally, providing him with extrasensory perception on hard to solve cases. Upon his separation from the City of Miami Police Department, Mr. Giordano became the Public Safety Director for Miami Dade College responsible for training over 1000 students in situational awareness/active shooter response and disaster preparedness.

He was also an investigative member for the Florida Bar Association and former board member for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk, Miami Beach Pride, Christopher Del Rey Memorial Ride in support of the William Lehman Foundation, and injured officers’ assistant fund.


Cell 305-710-5222 Toll-Free 1-877-292-4572
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Website gothaminvestigations.us Ft. Myers 239-265-9593
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Jeffrey S. Giordano Experience

Latest News

Humberto Campo

Humberto Campo is a seasoned investigator with PI Miami his former career in law Enforcement started in 1998 for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He was a legal technician as well as assigned to the U.S

Marshal prisoner air transport division out of Oklahoma. He was transferred to the Miami area at which time he held a final position of counselor for the Southern District of Florida. In 1997 he followed his passion and became a City of Miami Police officer He held various positions within the department as well as being assigned to the criminal investigation unit, economic crimes unit and special victims’ unit.

Humberto served in the U.S Marine Corps from 1983-1987
(Infantryman) deployed to various locations overseas.He served with the U.S Navy in the capacity of Master at Arms 2005-2011 while deployed in the middle east.

John Llodra Experience

John Llodra

John Llodra has extensive experience in the law enforcement field.

He is currently the Director of Firearms Training and Executive Protection Details with Giordano Protection Services.

John Llodra’s experience begins back 30 years when he graduated from the Law Enforcement Academy at Miami-Dade College and began his career as an officer with The City of Miami Police Department.

During his tenure with the department he was a Commander with the Special Threat Response Unit, Commander of the K-9 Unit, Commander of the Gang & Auto Theft Unit, and a Depute N.E.T Commander for several N.E.T areas in the City of Miami.

Llodra’s experience also includes various additional trainings that have given him exceptional skills in his line of work. Some of these trainings to list a few are, Dignitary Protection, Interviews & Interrogations, Organized Crime Advanced Investigations, Tactical Handgun Training, and Terrorism Awareness.

He has not only exceled in his law enforcement career, he has also received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership from St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida. The information and education received during this time assisted him in becoming an outstanding leader in his field.

Giordano Protection Services is proud to have an individual with John Llodra’s experience and education on their team.

Joseph Schillaci

Joseph Schillaci is a retired homicide and undercover narcotics detective with over 30 years’ experience on some of the meanest streets in Miami, Florida

Joe was featured on A&E’s First 48 and Dead Again crime series and HBO First Look-Miami City Vice specials. Joe’s passion for speaking and presenting have taken him all across the country where he speaks to business groups, law enforcement academies, Swat Negation Teams, Veterans, and schools where he shares his insight on Anti-Bullying, Stress Management, and extending forgiveness to others to make a difference. 

 Joe has served proudly as a Lieutenant in the Community Affairs Section in Miami overseeing and supporting various community involvement programs. He is a Certified Nonviolence Counselor where he developed and produced anti-gang and anti-bullying campaigns to make aware the damaging effects of both physical and emotional violence. He takes his leadership and relationship building skillset along with his wisdom as a body language expert, to motivate and inspire others and increase workplace relations. Joe is a husband and father working as a private investigator and is a senior investigator and consultant with Giordano Protection Services.  He also serves as the Personal Protection Crime Expert on KWCH News in Wichita, Kansas. 

Giordano Protection Services is proud to have an individual with Joseph Schillaci experience and expertise on their team.

Sergeant David Carpenter

David Carpenter

Sgt. David Michael Carpenter has extensive experience in the law enforcement field.
Carpenter’s knowledge began in 1990 when he was an undercover Fraud
Investigator for the Miami Dolphins.  He later dealt in serving as an undercover Detective for internal and external theft as well as pharmacy theft investigations.

Carpenter went on to become a City of Miami Police Officer in 1994 where he was part of various departments that ranged from Criminal Investigations, Homicide, Field Operations, Canine Detail, Drug Enforcement Administration and United States Secret Service Presidential Protection Detail.

He is not only a trained professional in a widespread range of areas, he has also acquired extensive qualifications that make him top notch at what he does. Just to name a few, he has interview and interrogation skills, death investigations, experience in the preparation of all types of warrants, judicial proceedings, undercover narcotics operations and was selected by the Deputy Chief of Police to represent the City of Miami Police Department at the National Problem Oriented Policing Conference in Madison, Wisconsin in 2008.

Giordano Protection Services is proud to have an individual with David
Carpenter’s experience and expertise on their team.

Anais Perez Paralegal
Case manager

Jennifer Wood
Director of Paralegal Litigation Support

Rosibel Mondenado

Rosibel Maldonado
Operations manager

Josue "Sway" Molina Technician

Sway is a professional storyteller, videographer, and surveillance technician with PI Miami

Jeffrey S. Giordano

5313 Collins Avenue Suite 302 Miami Beach, Florida 3314/250 NW 23 Street Suite 305 Miami, Florida 33127
C.305.710.5222 O. 305.925.7524
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Qualification Summary:


St. Thomas University (August 25, 2006)
Bachelor’s Degree
Organizational Leadership


President Giordano Protection Services LLC.
DBA: GPS SECURITY/P, I MIAMI (March 2014-Present)
• Private Investigation Services
• Security Guard Services
• Concierge Services
• Training and Consulting
• Security Cameras, Access Systems
• Automated Home and Businesses

Miami Dade College Medical Campus
Chief/Director of Public Safety (January 2014-September 2015)
City of Miami Police Department (September 1985-January 2014)
Patrol Unit (September 1985-January 1988) (January 2012 – January 2014)

• Insist on parking and traffic regulations and as per the necessity issued citations
• Take actions for the calls of first aid and medical assistance
• Processed and filed reports and made court appearance as per the requirement
• Responsible for investigating and reporting incidents

Street Narcotics Unit (January 1988-March 1992)
• Purchased illicit narcotics undercover impersonation
• Conduct surveillances on locations
• Affiant for over 100 search warrants, SWAT Briefings and spotting warrant locations on execution of warrants
• Conducted undercover investigations liaising with informants, interview and interrogate subjects, conduct surveillances

Community Policing (April 1992- March 2009 / May 2010- January 2012)
• Plan and direct disaster response for crisis management activates for local businesses and communities in my service area
• Provide disaster preparedness training and emergency plans and procedures for the Brickell community
• Monitor and manage crime trends
• Develop operational plans to direct personnel in achieving crime prevention goals
• Police liaison on behalf of community, local, federal and state agencies
• Case management
• Conduct crime prevention surveys
• Assisted Homeland security unit with the development and implementation of anti-terrorism awareness programs
• Conduct post homicide assessments
• Develop emergency response plans for citizens

Public Information Officer (March 2009- May2010)
• Spokesperson for Chief John F. Timoney
• Spokesperson for Chief Miguel Exposito
• The assignment as a public information officer consisted of coordinate all press releases for the media, give media interviews and handle all public records requests. Write speeches for staff members for speaking engagements.
• Represent the department as a P.I.O when the (J.I.S) joint information center is implemented under the National Incident Management System

Hostage Negotiator (February 2004-January 2014)
• Direct negotiations with suspects, aide in the release of hostages and barricaded subjects
• Develop strategic plans to gather situational Intelligence for release and surrender
• Development of in-service training on a monthly basis for team members


• Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, MS Outlook

Certifications/Special training
• ICS-100 for law enforcement
• ICS-100 For schools
• IS-0072.a NIMS Public Information Systems
• IS-200.b: ICS for Single Resource and initial Action Incident Management
• IS-00703.a NIMS Resource Management
• Hostage negotiations beginner, intermediate and advanced courses
• Crisis intervention training certified
• Convenience store security certified through the Attorney General’s Office (state inspector)
• D.E.A school on drug identification and Narcotic Investigations
• Chemical agent specialist
• Ritualistic crimes investigation
• ITW certified police general instructor
• C.I.K.R Asset protection technical assistant program
• Certified Homeland security comprehensive assessment model HLS-CAM (Threat Assessments).
• Certified Crime Prevention through environmental design.
• Certified residential security surveys
• 3rd degree black belt American kenpo karate. Owned and operated a karate school from 1992 to 2002.
• State wide firearm license #G1307784
• Security officer license # D13307784
• Private Investigator license #C1400021
• Manager investigative and security agency license #M1400002
• Concealed weapon license #WR1400159

Volunteer Work
• Board member Injured officer’s assistant fund. This fund was created by successful business man Michael Fux. 2010-2017
• Christopher Del Rey police memorial ride to benefit the William Lehman foundation injury research center. Yearly fund raiser to support center 2010-present
• Brickell Area association toy drive to benefit needy children 1992-2009
• LGBT 2010-December 2022
• LGBT Board of Directors Pride Miami Beach Jan 2017-Dec 2022
• Florida bar 11th Judicial Circuit grievance committee Investigative Member 2017-Present

Lt. John Llodra


• St. Thomas University. Miami, Florida. Bachelor of Artsin Organizational Leadership (Expected December, 2017).
• Miami-Dade Community College. Miami, Florida. Basic Law Enforcement Academy (B.L.E. #117).
• Miami Senior High School. Miami, Florida. (High School Diploma).


• Interviews and Interrogations, Investigative Officers Course
• S.W.A.T. Commanders Course- N.T.O.A Henderson, Nevada
• Miami Police Basic S.W.A.T. School (120 hours)
• Dignitary Protection
• “The Role of Covert Technology in the Mumbai Terrorist Attacks” Nova S.E. University/The Miami Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
• Terrorism #360
• Basic Incident Command System
• Weapons of Mass Destruction and Incident Command System
• Police Mid-Management Part 1and 2
• Organized Crime Advanced Investigations
• 911 Fitness for Officers Physical Training
• Hobble and O.C. Spray Training
• Problem Solving for the Community Policing Officer and Citizen
• Human Diversity Training
• Traffic Safety Training
• Domestic Intervention Training
• Tactical Handgun Training
• Terrorism Awareness
• Basic Criminal Investigations, Investigative Officers Course
• Federal Grant Procurement Course
• Numerous additional in-service Police training (Survival, S.W.A.T., F.D.L.E., Mandated training)


Giordano Protection Services
Director of training/firearms / concealed and tactical firearms training. December 2015-Present

Security Manager, December 2014 to December 2015
• Provide security at two estates and one luxury condominium at the Four Seasons Hotel.
• The Personal Protection of my employer, spouse and immediate family members.
• Oversee and manage projects at the three locations.
• Conduct background investigations on applicants and current hires.

McRoberts Protective Agency
Project Manager, September 2013 to March 2014
• Administration of a private security contract to numerous clients.
• Payroll, scheduling and management of over 50- budgeted security personnel.
• Manage the physical security screening of all persons entering several Miami-Dade County Courthouses.
• Conduct in-house complaint investigations on personnel and make disciplinary recommendations.
• Interact with clients and accept feedback to improve efficiency.

Patrol Section, Shift Commander
• My responsibilities include scheduling, management of approximately 62-budgeted positions of sworn and civilian personnel during any given shift, ensure equipment vehicle maintenance, and command of the section during high liability incidents.
• In 2012, the Communications Call Center received a total call volume of 591,965 calls via 9-1-1. Of these Patrol related dispatches, the average patrol dispatch and arrival occurred in approximately 9.86 minutes. Ensuring expeditious Patrol response to calls for service from the public is a law enforcement shift Commander’s high priority.

Commander of the City of Miami Special Threat Response Unit
• My responsibilities included the command of the S.W.A.T. Team and Hostage Negotiations Team, budget, training, equipment, and command during high-risk operations, along with dignitary protection details.
• Numerous dignitary protection details for P.O.T.U.S. (President of the United States) in coordination with the U.S.S.S. Counter Assault Teams (C.A.T.)
• Since the commencement of my assignment, the focus has been to complete all missions successfully (without any injury to an officer, citizen, or suspect).
• We have achieved a 45% reduction of overtime costs for the fiscal year 2011-2012.
• I was able to negotiate the acquisition of a new S.W.A.T. van ($284,835) through a federal U.A.S.I. Grant.
• Conduct a major Terrorist training exercise at the Israeli Consulate in Downtown Miami.

(Hostage/Rescue exercise cleared thru Tel Aviv) April 10, 2011.
• Promote and integrate training between S.W.A.T., K-9 and the Bomb Squad to address potential domestic attacks.
• Venue Protection as a Counter Assault Team during the N.B.A Finals with F.B.I. S.W.A.T. in 2011 and 2012.
• In 2012, we conducted 71 S.W.A.T. Missions to include Dignitary Protection details,
High Risk Warrants, Barricaded Subjects, Area Searches and Building Searches. Commander of the K-9 Unit
• Command and manage K-9 operations and various details.
• Attend unit and section meetings with superiors.
• Conduct and attend unit training with subordinates.
• Ensure that bomb sweeps are professionally conducted at high risk venues and proper coordination with Federal Agencies established.
• Review and prepare annual unit budget.
• Review and respond to e-mail and phone messages promptly.
• Prepare evaluations.
• Prepare monthly reports.
• Oversee all unit training and preparation of lesson plans.
• Closely review K-9 bite reports to ensure Department of Justice compliance.
• Under my command one Miami Police K-9 handler (Officer Manny Bello) placed 6 th in the National Police K-9 U.S.P.C.A. (United States Police Canine Association) Nationals 2012.

Commander of Robbery Unit
• The Commander of the Robbery Unit is responsible for managing the budget, manpower, equipment and overtime of the unit. The commander of the unit also manages, reviews and approves all investigations’ as well as the performance of the unit.
• The Robbery Unit consisted of 18 detectives and 2 sergeants.
• Assisting detectives with investigations of all major and high profile cases.
• Responsibility of maintaining all Robbery Unit Case Files respective evidentiary security and ensuring proper preparation for Court Presentation.
• Entering the monthly final case disposition into the Department’s data system for submission to the F.B.I. annual criminal data base.
• Additional duties include assigning, reviewing and approving cases, search warrants and coordinating operational plans. Unit Commanders are also responsible for motivating the sergeants and personnel under their supervision.
• I was also tasked with kidnapping investigations and coordination with tactical and S.I.S. technical squads(Trigger Fish) for apprehension of offenders.
• During 2009-2010 the Robbery Unit was successful at apprehending a Rolex watch robbery criminal group targeting citizens in the Downtown and Brickell Business Districts.
• I also attended monthly staff meetings (Compstat) after compiling specific statistics to inform staff of criminal trends, case dispositions and viable solutions to address these issues.
• The clearance rate was constant and within F.B.I. clearance rate parameters for a Municipal City of our size.

Commander of the Gang and Auto Theft Unit
• Between 2006-2008, I was tasked with running both the Gang and Auto Theft Units.
• The Gang Unit consisted of 6 detectives and 1 supervisor.
• The Auto Theft Unit consisted of 4 detectives and 1 supervisor.
• Again responsible for the management of the two units budgets, manpower, investigations and overall performance of the two units.
• The Gang Unit’s main responsibility was to identify, then target gang members.
• Numerous Identification sweeps were conducted in known Gang member areas along with M.A.G.T.F (Multi Agency Gang Task Force).
• The Gang Unit also conducted G.R.E.A.T. (Gang Resistance Education and Training) and DARE (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) training in public schools in high risk inner city gang neighborhoods.
• One National Gang of a local Gang Chapter, the Imperial Gangsters (Based in Chicago) was dismantled and the Gang Leader was arrested.
• The Auto Theft Unit’s main focus was to recognize crime patterns and identify habitual Auto Theft Offenders.
• All reported car thefts are screened for potential solvability, and then assigned to detectives for follow-up.
• The Auto Theft Unit also is slated with conducting inspections of numerous body and mechanic shops to locate potential criminal violations (Chop shops).
• Numerous inspections and operations were conducted in conjunction with the County Auto Theft Task force to apprehend offenders and close identified chop shops.
• Important interface of information between the Gang Unit’s Task force and the Auto Theft Unit led to numerous leads and arrests of car thieves associated with criminal gangs.
• Deputy N.E.T. Commander (Lieutenant of Police) for several N.E.T areas in the City of Miami
• My responsibilities included the budget, scheduling, preservation of assigned equipment, strategies to address crime issues, address community needs and ensure an open and receptive organization through community engagement and accessibility to the Miami Police Department.
• We successfully configured our staffing to add additional officers to the midnight shift without negatively impacting the other shifts.
• We created lines of communication that fundamentally changed the working relations within the divergent city departments and improved our response to the needs of the entertainment district along with the reduction of cost to the City of Miami.
• We also conducted numerous proactive operations in different N.E.T. areas to address specific criminal and code enforcement concerns that community residents had.
• Platoon Response Commander of R.P.6 for the F.T.A.A. (Free Trade of the Americas Act) November 2003. Personnel for this operation consisted of 30 officers, 4 sergeants and 1 lieutenant.

Specific duties were to maintain order in the Downtown Core Area
• During the conference. Priority was to protect life and property and to prevent demonstrators from disrupting the proceedings at the conference.
• During my term as a Deputy NET Commander, I received commendations for outstanding work performed, several e-mails from citizens commending my dedication and performance, along with e-mails sent from my Major and the Deputy Chief of Police commending my performance during Compstat meetings.
• Attend numerous community meetings with civic leaders and politicians to explain Police Procedure during implementation of operational plans.
• Once promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2001, my duties as the Shift Watch Commander also included the overseeing and screening of all persons entering the three City of Miami Police District Stations (South, Central, North). Additionally, after the 911 World Trade Center attacks I was assigned to manage the screening of all persons entering the MRC Building (City of Miami Administrative offices) for over two years on the afternoon shift with special Police overtime security details.

David Michael Carpenter

Professional Experience

City of Miami Police Department    1994-2019

  • Currently assigned to the Criminal Investigations Section, homicide Unit as of 2015.
  • Previously assigned to Field Operations Division, Patrol, North District 2011-2015.
  • Previously assigned to Field Operations Division, Patrol, South District 2009-2011.
  • Previously assigned as a Neighborhood Resource Office, Coconut Grove 2007-2009.
  • Previously detached to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Task Force, “Operation Caribbean Thunder” and “Operation Creole Connection” 2000-2001.
  • Previously assigned to the Canine Detail 1998-2005.
  • Previously detached to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Group Nine;

 “Operation WASD” 1996-1997.

  • Previously assigned to the Honor Guard 1995-1998.
  • Previously detached to the Crisis Intervention Team as of 2008.
  • Previously detached to the United States Secret Service Presidential Protection Detail in 1999 and 2004.
  • Previously assigned to the DUI Enforcement Detail as of 1994.

Previous Employment

Jack Eckerd Corporation   1991-1993

  • Employed as an undercover Detective for internal and external theft and pharmacy theft investigations.

Contemporary Services Corporation                                           1990-1991

  • Employed as an undercover Fraud Investigator for The Miami Dolphins, 1991.
  • Employed as a uniformed Security Officer at The Miami Arena, 1990.


Summary of Qualifications

  • Experienced in interviews and interrogations.
  • Experienced in all types of death investigations; including homicides, suicides, unclassified deaths, natural deaths, accidental deaths, and ‘in custody’ deaths.
  • Experienced in the preparation of warrants; including search warrants, cellular phone warrants, DNA warrants, and arrest warrants.
  • Experienced in police involved shooting warrants.
  • Experienced in testifying in all aspects of judicial proceedings.
  • Experienced in the identification and intervention of persons in mental health crisis.
  • Experienced in the detection of narcotics utilizing a canine partner.
  • Experienced in undercover narcotics operations.
  • Experienced in the detection, apprehension, and prosecution of impaired drivers.
  • Assisted in the Field Training Program, providing training to recruit officers.
  • Participated in several long-term federal investigations involving narcotics.
  • Implemented the first Miami Police K-9 bullet proof vest program.
  • Prepared and executed over 200 canine presentations for schools and civic organizations throughout Miami-Dade and Broward County.
  • Selected by the Deputy Chief of Police to represent the City of Miami Police Department at the National Problem Oriented Policing Conference in Madison, Wisconsin in 2008.
  • Selected by the Chief of Police to represent the City of Miami Police Department at the National Police Memorial, Honor Guard, in Washington, D.C in 1996.


Miami-Dade Community College     1994

Graduated, Basic Law Enforcement Academy Class No. 158

Southwest Miami High School    1989

Graduated, High School Degree

Commendations and Awards

  • Over 300 individual letters of appreciation from school students, teachers and administrators for canine presentations at Miami Dade County Public Schools.
  • City of Miami Police Department Officer of the Month, December 2014.
  • City of Miami Police South District Officer of the Month, March 2009.
  • Over 50 City of Miami Police Department letters of commendation.
  • Outstanding Law Enforcement Office of the Year, United States Department of Justice, United States Attorney, Southern District, 2001.
  • Unit Citation awarded in 2018-2019.
  • Detective of the Month Awarded for January 2019.

References Available Upon Request