PI Miami is a world-renowned Private Investigation Agency that specializes in the most complex investigations and undercover work.

Our investigators are former law enforcement officers ranging from Undercover Narcotics to Homicide Investigators. We additionally have SWAT personnel and even provide a Psychic Detective. This means we know how the system works – from the inside. We provide complete understanding and knowledge of expert testimony as well as coaching witnesses on how to properly testify. One of our focuses is in mitigating capital punishment cases. We begin all of our criminal defense investigations with believing that all our clients are guilty until we can prove their innocence. We have taken the hardest of evidence and crushed it against the prosecution. This includes providing ulterior motives, other potential suspects and creating doubt in a jury’s mind.

We have provided infinite insights throughout the U.S in the most complexed investigations.

We are also available for speaking engagements and investigative seminars.